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Age Group Triathlete Magazine (AGTM) is the perfect resource for age groupers wishing to be inspired by what others are doing and who want to improve their sport technically. We feature informative articles by authors from all around the world who share their knowledge and experiences. Featured athletes share their experiences in preparing for, and competing in selected events.
AGTM includes segments dedicated to helping you excel in your sport. The Coaches Corner, Tech Talk and With the Pro’s columns have the best information provided by a panel of Professional Triathletes, Coaches, Health & Technical specialists who share their knowledge and each issue.
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AGTM Articles

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Challenge Laguna Phuket

Craig Willows-Keetley shares the story of his journey to compete in the half Ironman length Challenge event in Phuket. Craig shares his training program , details of the race and lessons he learnt from the event. Hear his story about the Challenge event that’s a Challenge and a half!.

Is there an OFF SEASON? Not this year!

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and for many this means it is the off season. For some like Ginger Spansel of the Living The Tri life blog though the plans for the upcoming season mean there is no time for an off season.

Ginger shares her upcoming program and the training she is doing over winter to achieve her goals.

Karlie Jennings: Making History in Kona

Karlie Jennings is a star of the future and is heading to Kona this year to make some history.
Read or watch the interview of her impressive story so far and the reason history should be made in Kona

Coaches Corner

Coach Aaron gives a few run drills to improve your run technique

Pro triathlete Ellie Salthouse

“Endless summer”
The life of a Pro training in Boulder for half the year and on the Queensland Gold Coast for the other half.

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