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Age Group Triathlete Magazine (AGTM) is the perfect resource for age groupers wishing to be inspired by what others are doing and improve their sport technically. We feature informative articles by authors from all around the world who share their knowledge and experiences. Featured athletes share their experiences in preparing for, and competing in selected events.
AGTM includes segments dedicated to helping you excel in your sport. The Coaches Corner, Tech Talk and With the Pro’s columns have The best information provided by a panel of Professional Triathletes, Coaches, Health & Technical specialists who share their knowledge and each issue.
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AGTM also celebrates the “AGTM Age Grouper” where we share the story of an inspiring triathlete. Nominate yourself or someone else for the “AGTM Age Grouper”

AGTM Articles

Celebrity Triathlon Couple

Matt Rogers, former dual football international and wife Chloe Maxwell, model and TV personality are now very keen triathletes.

Find the story of their backgrounds, their triathlon training group and their charity interests in the AGTM #015 issue.

The Mythical Creature

As a triathlete you are a fit and healthy person. You probably look at “faster” people than you and wish you could be as fast as them don’t you? The Mythical Creature look at the fact that you are much fitter and faster than the majority of the community and to them you are a “Mythical Creature”
Find the story in AGTM #17

Waiting for Dad

Every weekend at triathlons all around the world there are husbands, wives, partners, children and grandparents who come along to our triathlon events to cheer us through our races. These are the often forgotten part of our races. In this story we chat to a triathlon family and ask how they spend their day and how they entertain kids for that many hours.
Find this story in AGTM #16

Emma Pallant

2015 and 2016 Duathlon World champion Emma Pallant gives a rundown of her 2015 year including he successes, her injuries and her frustration with the UK triathlon assosiation.
Her story is in AGTM #16.

Swim Ride Mum

Taryn Gaudin is one of the new regular columnists for AGTM. She is a young a mum, a physiotherapist, a triathlete, and the author of the blog Swim Ride Mum. The blog and her columns in AGTM give practical, evidence based advice for expecting mums and mums who are athletes and mums who want to improve their fitness and health.

Strength Training for Triathletes

Kriss Hendy is a strength coach to some of the leading professional triathletes from around the world. His monthly segment gives information to help age groupers improve their triathlon performance by including strength training to their program.

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