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Age Group Triathlete Magazine is the perfect resource for age groupers who want to improve their sport and be inspired by what others are doing. We will feature informative articles by authors from all around the world who will share their knowledge and experiences.Featured athletes will share their experiences in preparing for, and competing in selected events.

AGTM has a panel of Professional Triathletes, Coaches, Health & Technical specialists on board to share their knowledge and each issue will have several segments dedicated to sharing information. Our Pro triathletes share their knowledge in the Pro tips segment and the other professionals share tips in the Tech Tips section. If you have any questions you would like discussed in these sections let us know editor@agtm.co

AGTM also has an “Age Grouper of the Month” page where we share the story of an inspiring triathlete. Nominate yourself or someone else for the “Age Grouper of the Month”

Some articles of my Magazine

Challenge Laguna Phuket

Craig Willows-Keetley shares the story of his journey to compete in the half Ironman length Challenge event in Phuket. Craig shares his training program , details of the race and lessons he learnt from the event. Hear his story about the Challenge event that’s a Challenge and a half!.

Is there an OFF SEASON? Not this year!

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and for many this means it is the off season. For some like Ginger Spansel of the Living The Tri life blog though the plans for the upcoming season mean there is no time for an off season.

Ginger shares her upcoming program and the training she is doing over winter to achieve her goals.

Overwhelmed by an ironman?

In his article “How to Afford the cost of an Ironman”, Matthew Alva gives a great list of all the things you will need to consider to compete in an Ironman and goes through the options financially for both the budget athlete and the big spender.

A great read for anyone looking at the Ironman distance events.

From the Pro's

Our Pro column for this month is written by Professional Triathlete Nate Walsh who covers the topic of training. In the article he shares his training schedule and suggests ideas for age groupers who are trying to balance work, family and life with their triathlon training

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